Everyone loves the idea of getting fit – it’s cool to imagine being super fit and toned.  Even people who don’t actually do any exercise or eat well will enjoy thinking about getting fit.  Just imagine the training montage and the end result – it’s pretty cool!  And then reality sets in!  Once people realise how much work is involved to become super fit the dream can shatter.  Basically it’s bloody hard work getting into, and staying in shape.


No Pain, No Gain?

Whilst the old adage of ‘No pain, no gain’ is slightly outdated, it highlights that a certain level of effort is needed to get fit.  This training threshold is known as the overload principle of training.  Basically, if you want to get fitter then you have to train at a level which is challenging for the body.  In very simple terms this means that exercise must make someone out of breath, sweat more than normal or lead to a breakdown in their technique.  Note that any breakdown in technique is the point at which exercise should stop.


Being engaged when fitness training

One important factor that makes for a good session is that clients are mentally engaged.  Not allowing clients to zone out.  Clients who do ‘check out’ and allow their minds to wander will not get the best from themselves or the session.  It’s important that personal trainers coach in such a way to keep people engaged.  Imagine my surprise when a client in a group fitness session announced at the end of the workout that one section wasn’t intense enough!!  The client had allowed themselves to check out, and I had too.

In the example cited the session involved one athlete performing a resistance training circuit against the clock with two others working high intensity steady state on cv equipment.  It was the cv block that supposedly was not intense enough!  It is disappointing that the client did not recognise the time available for the cv and pace their effort accordingly.  A distance target may have provided an incentive.  It is also disappointing that it was only raised at the end of the session.  Coaches can only act on information that they have at the time.  They cannot change history!


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