Fitness MOT: Who to listen to when it comes to training

This morning I went to get my car MOTed. I was a little bit worried because I had some amber advisories last year. However, when I had my car serviced a few months later THAT mechanic said they were a bunch of crap and the other mechanic was trying to get money out of me. I’m glad I didn’t take the garage up on the advisories because this morning, a year later, I had less advisories than last year! How does this relate to a fitness MOT?

Fitness MOT, what this relates to

If you get your fitness MOTed or serviced, make sure it’s by the correct professional for you. Not just someone who wants to take your money and take you for a ride. It’s more about you knowing the right person and not just the person who thinks they know what they are doing. There are many personal trainers out there that only know one way to train and that’s their way. Which can be completely wrong for you and your fitness MOT.

 You may need more help than a personal trainer can offer

If you get a great trainer, they will be open with you about what they are capable of getting you through. After a fitness MOT they should tell you if they can help or not. If not, they will tell you about it and let you know what the next step is. This might mean you’ll have to take a trip to the doctors for a scan or visit a physiotherapist.

The best trainer will want you to get the best help in order for you to get the best results. If this means brining in extra help, then it is what has to happen.

Client have lots of different training issues

During my time as a personal trainer in Windsor, I have come across many different training difficulties where things have had to change during training. The best trainers know that you are the ones who are the client.  You deserve to get the best help. You will be looked after individually to see what can be done with what you have. If that means you start from the bottom, then that’s where you start. In fact this is the best place to start because it gets you the foundation of strength that you need to build a healthy body.