Doing a 10 minute cardio burst at the end of your weight session

Many people head to the gym to do the usual 20 minutes on a cardio machine of their choice. Which is all well and good if you’re training for something endurance based, like a run for example. However, if you want to look good and feel even greater. I would recommend you do a 10 minute cardio burst at the end of your weight training. It not only helps you burn fat but also makes it a hell of a lot easier in terms of time and effectiveness.

The science behind cardio at the end of the session

The main reason to do strength training first before you do your 10 minute cardio burst. Is because if you did cardio first it would reduce the muscle force capability. It will be reduced due to the carbohydrate stores being used during the running. As a exercise professional in Berkshire we know that if you do the strength training first which will use the carbohydrate stores were they are most needed. It will increase the fat stores being used during the cardio at the end of the session.

Are you bored of doing the same old thing?

If you go to the gym and do the same old exercise regiment it will get you results. However, it  will get boring and you will be looking for something more. This applies to the ones who just do weights as well as the ones that just do cardio. You all know that both is best for the body and whoever told you otherwise just doesn’t like the other stimulus. The more you shy away from it the more you will start to need it. So if you hate cardio try and add 10 minutes towards the end of your workout. It can be HIIT or continuous cardio you will still get great results.

If you are looking to strip more fat

You might be one of those people who doesn’t like to do cardio because you think it burns away your muscle. Whereas if you did you weight training and then your cardio it would burn away that little bit of excess fat you might be carrying. So if you are stubborn for trying something new I would reconsider. This also applies to those who think that running will reduce there fat content, make sure you do some weight training targeting the large muscle groups.

Last note:

When I deliver personal training sessions in Windsor I add 10 minute cardio at the end of training clients. It’s effectiveness for fat loss is great and it helps a great deal with your fitness. If you are reading this blog I would suggest you give it a try The next time your in the gym.