People lead such busy lifestyles these days.  Finding a fitness solution in the modern world requires extreme efficiency.  We are continually being squeezed for time.  With time at a premium many people will search online for ‘gym near me‘.  How do we know this?  Because our google analytics tells us.  This information is so important to us.  We have to be able to offer fitness solutions that are conveniently located for potential clients.  How do we do this?


Programme and community are not enough

Chatting with a very good friend who owns a gym opened my eyes to an important truth.  Having a great fitness training programme in place is fantastic.  But it’s not enough.  Having a fabulous supportive community is wonderful when you’re plugging away.  But it’s not enough.  He said, every gym that ‘goes under’ often has both the programming and community boxes ticked.  What these gyms often lack is a convenient venue and convenient class times.  People wanting to improve their fitness do not want to have to travel excessively in order to do so.  They don’t want to find access to the gym near me difficult.  It comes down to logistics, rather than the fuzzy stuff.


Location, Location, and other stuff

Location is clearly important.  People are on their mobiles and laoptops searching for a ‘gym near me’.  Therefore gym’s must be conveniently located.  Close to home, work or en route.  But location isn’t the only thing.  Actually using a gym near me needs to be easy too.  Therefore, clients will consider parking and opening times too.  All of these factors are logistical.  In today’s western society it has to be as easy as possible to work out.


NK Fitness is a gym near you

In recent years we have based ourselves at the Gainline gym in Ascot.  This facility is close to a lot of our existing and future client base and therefore makes sense.  With 24 hour access individuals are able to train at times that are convenient to them.  Anyone who knows the area will also know that access and parking to Gainline are super simple.  Gain line ticks these boxes for us.

However, we are still a mobile personal trainer.  As a result we service a lot of clients in the local area at venues off site.  Many of these take place at clients homes, or in nearby outdoor spaces (at the clients request).  We can quite literally bring the gym to you.  As a leading mobile personal trainer in Ascot we like to think that we tick all of the logistics boxes when it comes to offering a ‘gym near me’.  If you would like to discuss working with us to achieve your fitness goals please contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.