Gym results: How much effort do I need to put in?

We all see those people who hang out on the cardio equipment for the whole duration a session looking for gym results. Then walk out not even perspiring. In fact I was talking to a friend of mines friend. She said, how she hates it when girls come into the gym all done up like they are going on a night out. It’s almost like they are in the gym to impress other by the way they look. It would impress a lot of people more if they are putting in the graft.

As a personal trainer in Windsor I see this all the time too. You must know if your putting in the hard work. Those hour long sessions just walking on the treadmill talking to your friend on messenger who isn’t even there. This is not a workout.


If your going to go to the gym and pay for a membership you might as well get good use of it. Set aside 45 minutes to an hour when you put your phone in your locker and actually workout. You will start to look amazing and feel great. You can start by doing weights and all the other equipment you are to scared to try.

Pushing yourself

This is where a gym routine with set workouts is crucial for your success. If you want a six pack and a great looking physique. You’re not going to get that hiding away on the cardio equipment. Start pushing and pulling weights in a safe way. Adding some HIIT training towards the back end of the session. Actually try in this hour, because if effort is put in then results are returned.

What to do to get results

If you go to the gym twice a week make sure you stimulate all your muscles in each session. If you can go 3 times a week you can split your body up into upper body, lower body core and cardio if needs be. You must keep it interesting, I’m not saying thats what you must do because there are some many ways you can workout.  You will get results that are meaningful to you if you work hard. You could choose mobility as a warm up, 3 main lifts, accessory training and HIIT towards the end.

It’s all about the effort and how your body will react to your training.  If you walk on the treadmill and it isn’t pushing you then you wont get any gym results. If you are underneath a heavy barbell squatting your body weight. That will get your body to change and you will notice.