The introverted lifter: Leave me alone I’m trying to get my workout in

When you’re at the gym you encounter lots of different people, one could be the introverted lifter. Some want to talk and some don’t want to talk. Talking can be a very time consuming and annoying in the gym. You might be in the middle of a set and someone asks you an unwanted question. This can destroy your flow and take up too much rest time. Lots of gym goes can be very introverted when at their place of sanctuary. They don’t want to be disturbed and if they want to talk they will talk when they are finished. Maybe not every day but most days they will be there to workout and workout only.

What types of people you see at the gym

You will meet a lot of different walks of life at the gym, some very social some not so much. You will learn to understand when and when not to talk to someone. And if you do want to talk to one of the gym goers who doesn’t want to be spoken too. Just ask them quickly for a chat when they are done with their workout.

You might find yourself in apposition one day then you’ve said hello to someone. However, you have fallen into a trap and they want to have a long talk. This makes it increasingly harder to let the conversation go without coming off rude. So the best thing to do is to just keep on working out and hopefully they will get the message. Because no one wants to be told to go away, you could even politely tell them that you don’t have much time and you’ll talk them them later.

What to never do to someone trying to workout under a time restriction

We all know its happened to you in the past, when someone talks to you in the gym and all you want to do is do your workout and leave. Well if someone is working out or even sitting on their rest period they don’t want to be spoken to. Just leave them alone and get on with your own workout and leave the talking for when you’re finished. You and the person you were going to talk to will become more productive this way. You’ll also find that you will get more results from the workouts.

The difference between gym time and social time

The difference between gym time a social time is one is for working and the other is for talking. They don’t go hand in hand, so the introverted lifter might just ignore you in the gym  or try to make sure that no-one asks him/her anything by putting headphones on.

Headphones are the best invention for the introverted lifter because it’s something to hide behind so that they can get what they want done. This doesn’t mean that they are an introvert at heart, it just means they don’t want social interaction at the gym.

Last note:

Windsor gives me a lot of personal training opportunities. Which means I all sorts of people come my way, this will include introverts. I believe that a lot more can be achieved when the personal trainer explains something and the client does it. However, there are a lot of different people who like to talk so I need to make sure that the training session are productive at the right times.