We’ve all seen it now.  Joe Wicks’s PE lessons; everyone and their dog now selling homework plans; and the next youtube sensation video on how doing press ups and burpees will give you a six pack.  The real elephant in the room is how will this effect my training, the progress I’ve already made  and what can I do to keep improving?


The Changing Fitness Landscape

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, compete in a sport, power lift or pretty much anything that isn’t based around bodyweight work or an hours outdoor exercise the answer is unfortunately not a lot! During these unprecedented times we have to accept our training will be limited. We may not be able to do the things we enjoy as much and our strength, fitness etc may be compromised…..however, the main thing we need to try and get our heads around rather than resigning ourselves to losing all our progress is a shift in focus.


Winning the Coronavirus Lockdown Fitness Battle

While the majority of people can’t access their usual equipment or environment we just need to simply focus on mental goals and small wins….

……while the rest of the world is watching the 10am news in their pyjamas pretending to answer emails, why not try and improve your core strength? While people finish off that second bag of crisps you could be keeping up your step goal for the day. People are building forts from all the panic bought toilet roll? You’re improving your hip mobility so you don’t get that annoying ache after a squat session!

There are still huge wins to be gained and great progress we can all make during this period, the goal posts may have shifted but keeping on track with some sort of training can be a great way to help with a routine, mental clarity and keeping yourself sane. Yes you may not be as active or progress may have stalled but what better time will you ever get to work on weaknesses or master your own movement? Spend time working on something that will give you lasting value and give you a stronger sense of motivation than another hour long facebook live of burpees and mountain climbers!

Chris is working hard with his athletes and personal training clients in Ascot to ensure that they keep their lockdown fitness on track.  Regular virtual contact means that we a still able to coach and get the best from our clients.