Should you be doing a fitness challenge this lockdown?  I’ve seen so many already.  Run every day in November, Run 100 miles in November, Learn to Handstand.  The list could go on.  The bottom line is that it pisses me off.  As experienced personal trainers and strength coaches we spend all of our time preaching consistency.  A second National Lockdown imposed in the UK last Thursday, and that advice flies out of the window!!  It makes little sense.


Why Lockdown Fitness Challenges?

I get it!  I understand why they have become the ‘new normal’.  National lockdown is anything but normal.  People are understandably worried and in many cases powerless to control the situation.  Challenges provide a focus – something that we can anchor to during a disorientating time.  Combine this with the fact that we also have more time on our hands, so having a challenge keeps us occupied.

Finally, we have the trainers.  Not able to work in a normal capacity and facing the same challenges as our clients.  Devising lockdown fitness challenges is way of engaging clients, imparting knowledge and an opportunity to showcase our skills.  This melting pot of factors opens the fitness challenges floodgates and our social media timelines are bombarded.


Should you do a Lockdown Fitness Challenge?

Whilst people in the UK have already experienced one National Lockdown, there hasn’t been a change in strategy this time around from large corners of the fitness community.  In short the answer is maybe!  The bottom line is that if the challenge isn’t going to involve doing too much of one activity then it’s viable.  Let’s get real – most people develop injuries when they experience a sudden increase in training load or type.  If you do not usually run then running 100 miles in November may not be the smartest!

I’m not poo pooing fitness challenges – if something is able to motivate individuals to move more then it’s a win.  However, I would suggest selecting appropriate challenges.  Consistency in training trumps the other variables – we should be working with clients to help them maintain consistency more than training them for the circus!  Gyms may be closed but our capacity to think laterally and maintain specific fitness stimulii isn’t.  Stay safe out there!