An effective relationship between personal trainer and client is not sytraight forward.  It is also not a foregone conclusion that it will be good.  Like many things it requires work.  Designing and being able to deliver a good programme is not enough.  Today’s best personal trainers require next level communication skills.  The very best personal trainers generate ‘buy in’ form their clients.


Buy in for personal training

We are talking more than simply generating a rapport.  The most effective personal training will help a client understand the how and why behind their programme.  This benefits the client because they are more likely to understand what they are doing.  Having this understanding will help them ‘buy in’.  In other words, they agree with the programming and complete it as prescribed.

We’ve mentioned before in previous blogs how the worlds best programme is useless if it isn’t adhered to completely.  Too often people may sign up to extensive / advanced training plans.  The dedication and time required to complete these can be too much for many ‘everyday clients’.  The result is that they skip elements of the programme.  In these cases, individuals are better off opting for a less demanding fitness plan but completing it wholeheartedly.

Two minute judgement

Effective personal training involves being able to tune into a clients ‘wants’ and ‘needs’.  Very early on in my career a client introduced me to what I’ve termed the ‘2 minute judgement’.  When leading any fitness session / activity an effective personal trainer should gauge whether a client is ‘buying in’.  Are they enjoying it?  Are they applying themselves as required?  If the answer is ‘no’ then the trainer must make necessary modifications.


At NK Fitness there are different ways in which we aim to maximise client ‘buy in’.  The first is to keep programming as simple as possible.  We do not value exercising for the sake of it.  If it’s not important to your goals then it isn’t making it into your sessions.  We also park our ego’s and allow clients to lead the direction of their programming.  Conitnual ‘check in’ with clients means that we ensure that we stay on track with effective personal training.