Group fitness is appealing on many levels.  Exercising with others can be fun and highly motivating.  However, for all of their benefits of  Ascot fitness bootcamps can also instil fear into newcomers!  The nature of the exercises, the social dynamics and culture of the group, along with the Delivery of the session all have the potential to put newcomers off.  NK Fitness run a successful fitness bootcamp that looks to address these issues within every session in order to make exercise accessible to all.


Potential barriers of fitness bootcamp sessions

There will always be an element of anxiety when joining a new fitness class.  Very few people arrive at a new group in peak physical condition.  Therefore, they are their because they feel sub par already!  This must be taken into account.  Sure enough, over time they will keep coming back if the fitness bootcamp gives them the improved fitness that they want.  A session that only promotes supreme fitness and beautiful bodies in its marketing and it’s composition will intimidate a huge percentage of the population.  Think, the Skinny Bitch Collective which prides itself on being ‘exclusive’.  How many people would confidently stride into that class?

The social dynamics and culture of any group will be set by the tone of the coaching.  If cliques and groups are allowed to develop it can be difficult for newcomers to break into the group.  In any fitness bootcamp, the instructor sets the tone and can influence the social climate and vibe so that it’s welcoming to the newbe!

The then there is the content of the session.  If it’s too hardcore without scaling options for those that need them, then it’s going to be elitist.  Everyone had to start somewhere near the bottom!  Within the session, how the session is structured is crucial – challenging but manageable for all levels is the key.


Making fitness bootcamp appealing to the majority

As an experienced provider of fitness bootcamps in Ascot we have develop several simple principles to make our sessions accessible to the majority.  It all starts with being friendly and approachable.  Not only as an instructor but also ensuring that group members welcome new clients.  Using games and the buddy system can break the ice in a non cringe way for the newcomer.

Work for time and use exercises that have several scaling options.  By working only for time rather than hitting a target number of reps, the session has an individual focus.  Those that want to hammer themselves can do so.  Those that need to go slower can do so.  Working for time also presents a great opportunity to emphasise working within individual limits.  There is no point in worrying about how much others are doing.

Using a variety of exercise is important to keep things fresh.  However, too much variety can lead to sessions that are complex and less productive.  Use variety but don’t stray too far from the winning formula of what people like.