Being able to do a job that you love is a privilege.  Only a small percentage of personal trainers get to do it on a full time basis.  A lot more qualified personal trainers will need a second job to plug any income gaps.  A major factor for this is the ability to achieve a sustainable supply of clients.  Personal training clients will come and go due to a variety of factors.  As a result a personal trainers diary can ebb and flow which is not great for cash flow during the lean months.  For those currently in, or looking to become a personal trainer, here we list some common mistakes to avoid when looking for a sustainable diary.

Look after the clients that you have

Existing clients are the most valuable ones a trainer can have.  Prioritise existing clients over gaining new business.  This seems simple but is far harder to achieve in reality.  Work hard to ensure that training programmes and support are to the highest standard.  Providing a high level of service is more likely to keep existing clients as future clients.  As the diary becomes more busy do not make things so tight that punctuality becomes an issue.  Squeezing a new client into a diary space is not worth potentially upsetting an existing client because you rock up late.


Personal trainers should avoid rapid growth

Growing the client portfolio is key to achieving a sustainable, full time role.  However, growing too fast can place incredible strain on business away from delivering sessions.  There is a significant amount of admin that comes with each new client.  As the client base grows, so too does the admin load.  Growing too quickly can mean that important tasks get missed and ultimately service starts to drop.  If the standard of service drops then clients start to get less value for money.  Over time clients will vote with their feet, and business can decline.  Growing a steady rate is more conducive to sustainability.


Avoid being money orientated

We have said it before.  Taking on a client purely for the income is not going to be sustainable.  Every personal trainer has a unique skill set that will enable them to effectively support clients with particular goals.  Therefore, the key is to take on clients that match this skill set because their progress becomes the focus.  Being money oriented means that trainers work hard when they don’t have many clients but then take their foot off of the pedal when they have ‘enough’ clients.  Sustainable business requires a steady and consistent approach rather than simply turning it on when needed.  Personal trainers that do this often get found out.


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