Most people will say that their diet is ‘pretty good’.  The reality can be very different but their perception remains the same.  Similarly, most people have very good intentions when it comes to exercise and their personal fitness training.  They’re fairly active or they are about to start on a personal fitness campaign but….     The moment someone says ‘but’ they negate everything that they’ve said before it.  When you are a personal trainer in Ascot you hear this word a lot!  Trust me!  “My diet and exercise is fairly but then x, y and z happen”.  What this statement should say is “My diet and exercise is fairly crap actually”.  Another one that we hear often is “I want to get started but..”.  Translated these statements all mean that a change in diet and behaviour is not important enough to them at the current time.


Serious about personal fitness?  Then banish the ‘but’!

It sounds silly but something as simple as altering the way we talk about goals, both outcome and process ones, can have a big impact on whether we achieve them.  Everyone loves talking about the results.  That’s the sexy and cool bit about planning your personal fitness journey.  However, the outcomes always need the correct process behind them.  This is where the language we use can reveal a lot about our possible success rate.  By simply replacing the word ‘but’ with ‘and’ has lasting connotations.  And implies action whereas ‘but’ implies inaction.  And says solution, but says barrier.

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