Interested? You  shouldn’t be. Yeah sure it would be great to have the perfect body and yeah it would be great to get it in 4 weeks. Unfortunately, it’s simply not possible and what even is the the ‘perfect’ body? The mainstream media is great at playing into the hands of it’s consumers, giving the people what they want. More importantly giving the people what the want in the minimum amount of time possible. Everything is about instant change and transformation. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

However, I recently read an article in the Independent about a couple who’s transformation went viral.

What Was So Special?

To be honest, the actual picture isn’t groundbreaking. This is in fact what I like about it! It doesn’t glorify or show unachievable results. The people in the picture are human, just like you and I. It is nice to see something going viral that isn’t ridiculously photoshopped and is showing such a positive and achievable change.

However this wasn’t what I liked the most. My favourite part actually hits you right in the face as soon as you read the title.

“Couples Incredible 10 Year Transformation Photo Goes Viral”

10 years! This transformation has been a 10 year process. Sure they may have achieved their current state a little bit earlier but that isn’t the point. This is a piece in mainstream media, celebrating a transformation that has spanned 10 years. No instant changes no 10second arm blasters, 10 years.

Have I Said 10 Years Enough Yet?

Probably, but it genuinely makes me happy to see this kind of change being talked about. If I was going to argue from both sides I would say it is a little bit of a shame that the post seems to talk solely about appearance. I would love it if they talked about their ability to move and enjoy a healthy lifestyle but I must resist. I’m going to take the win!

Personal Training Is A Journey

Working with clients, personal training in Bushy Park Richmond isn’t just an hour here or there. These people are looking to make changes, install new lifestyle habits and improve their standard of life. Part of our job is to make the journey enjoyable, manageable and to help paint a bigger picture and understanding of the path.

Enjoy the journey because I can tell you now, your 3 week transformation will not stick.