Gluteus minimus and medius exercises to strengthen your knees

Previously I wrote a blog about good stretches to do to loosen up the pressure on your knee. This blog is make sure you know what strengthening exercises to do to help strengthen the knee joint. If you have a problem with a knee valgus then it most likely a strength issue with your glutes. If your gluteus minimus and medius are weak then your knee is going to valgus under strain. You will start to put pressure on the bone, ligaments and cartilage of the knee joint which will increase the likely hood of knee osteoarthritis.

They way you strengthen this part of the glutes, is by abduction of the hip joint. You should also do exercises that are going to let the knee and hip work together without creating a knee valgus.

Mini band crab walk

Mini bands walk are a great way to activate the gluteus minimus and medius. You will start to feel exactly where these muscles are situated in the body. You have to simply place the mini band around your ankles. Stand sideways in the direction you are going to walk, pull the band apart with your feet facing directly at 12 o’clock.

Standing or lying leg abduction

With this gluteus minimus exercise you can either stand or lie down on your side. If your other knee hurts when standing on a single leg then do this one lying down. If you are standing it will be more beneficial. Abduct the leg keeping the toes in the same plan and facing directly at 12 o’clock. Lift the leg as high as you can without turning the hip and then bring your feel back together. But keep the elevated foot in tension.

Body weight squat with band

You will have to learn to squat before you do this one. once you can squat and you can see the weakness in your knees then you can start putting a mini band around the top of your knees. Do the same exercises with the band there and if your knee get pulled in start to push them out. This will engage the gluteus minimus and medius more.


A clam is also using a mini band, you need to lie on your side and have the mini band around your knees. Bend your knees to just over 45 degrees but keep your feet together. Then pull the band apart as wide as you can and then repeat.

Glute bridge clam

A glute bridge clam has two resistances going through the movement. your glute minimus and medius are already engaged before you start to push up. To do this you have to place your feet together in the same position they would be in for a normal glute bridge. Start to push your hips of the floor making sure the band stays in the same position.

Single leg balance (resisting against leg valgus)

This last one I have is a test as well as an exercise, if you stand on one leg and try and bend your knee without creating a valgus. Then you are using your glutes to push the knee out and making sure that the knee and the glutes are working together. If your knee still valguses then practice pushing the knee out whilst standing on one leg and bending the knee.

Last note:

Personal training in Windsor requires me to identify peoples strengths and weaknesses. So that I can make sure that they are tackled during training. Many people don’t even know about there strengths and weaknesses until they see a personal trainer.