The Order Of The Day If you head to the gym and the first thing that you do is hit the arm curls because its summer, perform 5 sets to failure before pumping out 5 sets of triceps pushdowns then don’t expect to get much from your bench press!

Getting your exercise order right within a session is as important as working out itself, when it comes to achieving your goals with a Clapham Personal Trainer.

Here are some simple rules when it comes to getting the most from your workout. Complete new and complex exercises first. If you are learning new movements or performing complex lifts such as the Olympic type lifts then you need a fresh nervous system so that you can master the high skill elements of these exercises. Specific rehabilitation exercises for those coming back from injury must be completed early on as this means that they are going to get done, which in turn means that you are on your way to being fully fit and sport ready sooner. Complete lower body compound lifts before performing upper body exercises or non-compound exercises for the lower limb.

Exercises such as Squats require a lot of mental focus and concentration as well as structural stabilization from the core. The loads required during these lifts also require you to be relatively fresh so that you can fully commit to completing them. Complete upper body compound exercises, such as the chest press variations and pulling movements. These exercises involve heavier loads because of the muscles groups being used although they shouldn’t be heavier than the lower body compound exercises.

Your Personal Trainer Clapham will ensure that exercises for the shoulders and arms should be performed towards the end of the session. The reason being that these muscles provide assistance during the movements for exercises that work the bigger, stronger muscles during compound movements – therefore if they are fatigued then you will not be able to stimulate larger muscles as you wish. Basically put this is when you’ve earned the right to work on your arms!

Core exercises are generally placed at the end of the workout so that they are as fresh as possible to perform their stabilizing role during all preceding exercises.

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This article was written by personal fitness trainer Nathan Kelly – find on Google+