What are the pro’s and con’s to going to the gym?

Going to the gym

It’s the new year. The new years resolutions come with January and one of them could be going to the gym more often to keep your health and wellbeing in check.


If you have never been to the gym before, this sort of journey can be very daunting for you especially the first couple of sessions.  The over thinking will start and you will convince yourself with all the reasons in the world why you shouldn’t go.


This sort of thinking will make you panic for this first experience. Until you get over this fear of what it may be like you won’t be able to make significant progress with your body. That’s why the beginning is the hardest part of the journey to complete.


Having the mental ability to push yourself out of your comfort zone can be hard. Especially as exercises is something you know your body is screaming out for.


When it comes to the first day a lot of people won’t go all together because the build-up of thoughts gets to them. It shouldn’t because once you get through the doors at that gym the hardest hurdle is complete. The desk staff at the gym are always polite and respectful, so there’s no doubt that you will be greeted with a smile that says ‘wow I’m glad that someone has had the courage to come to the gym’.


The gym staff work with first timer’s day in day out. They know how to put you at ease and give you the best work out advice for your needs. They will start you with an easy workload so that you can handle a regime. I also suggest working with a personal trainer for the first few months to tackle the basics in the gym environment. Tell them what you want to get out of the sessions so that they know what your future goals are.


What are the pro’s to going to the gym?


  • You will start to feel more energetic.
  • The body will start to lose that excess fat that it doesn’t need.
  • The body will develop muscle as a result of strength training.
  • Your sleep will start to get much better
  • Metabolism will increase
  • Confidence will increase


What are the con’s to going to the gym?


  • You put yourself in an uncomfortable position for the first few weeks.
  • Your body will hurt after the workout due to the stimulation of muscle fibres.
  • You will have to learn something completely new.
  • You might feel the gyms is over crowded.
  • People may judge you for helping yourself (don’t listen to these guys)


As you can see there are a number of pro’s and cons to going to the gym. These cons are mostly superficial and therefore won’t be thought of after the first couple of month. Whereas the pros stay for the journey and will only get better and better. As a personal trainer in Windsor I have noticed people get stronger, you will get faster, your body will change for the better, your cardiovascular system will start to work efficiently.  Not only will this all be a positive after at least 21 days you will start to see these changes.