Personal trainers: what do they do in the non contact time?

Personal trainers are hard working especially if you are self employed. You might just think that all they do is see the client they need to see and just chill out. Well, I’m sure there are many personal trainers out there that do. However, this is a great time to work on their business or look after their clients as much as they possibly can. During the day there can be times where it is very slow and if you don’t know what to do, it can be tough. Using this time wisely is what divides to good personal trainers from the best personal trainers.

Write blog posts

Writing a blog is a great way to feed traffic to the website but also a great way to keep your client engaged during the non-contact time. It’s a way to keep new clients coming in if you need any but also a great way to show the world that you know what you’re talking about.

Working out

Personal trainers need to stay fit and look the part. If they don’t its bad for business and can have client thinking why they are taking advise of of you. It might seem shallow but it is a must because if you preach it you have to show that you follow the PT lifestyle.

These workouts are sometimes down quite quickly unless you have a lot of time on your hands. I’ve been to the gym for a quick 40 minute session before. And it’s a great way to stay in shape, as long as your there already. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym for a typical person.

Reading to keep up with the industry

There are many journals and books out there that Personal trainers read on a regular basis. Some are up to date and some never change because they are set in stone. I like to read about new and upcoming technology used in the fitness industry. So that if I get client asking about it I can explain what it is. Sometime I read about other subjects I’m interested in due to the fact that I know, client don’t just want to talk about training. Sometimes they what to talk about the economy or real estate. This is just another way to show that you’re interested in other subjects that client might be interested in.

Dedicated down time

Personal training is hard and can lead to early morning and late nights with limited time to relax in the evening. I have time set during the day to sit and do something that I’d do in the evening. Sometimes it’s hard to even get a break, some days you can be out from 6am till 8pm. So having time to spend just doing nothing it’s a must to stay sane in the fitness industry.

Planning and research

Some client might want plans to follow and this time can also be used to plan what exercise to use. But also research what exercise would be best for that certain client. There goals are different to everyone else so making sure you have something flesh to coach them is a must.

Here at NK Fitness the personal training standard is set high because we dedicate ourselves to getting the best out of our clients.