Growing a business is hard.  Not growing a business is also hard!  I’ve chosen the former and I have to say that it presents challenges.  Recruiting and developing the right personal trainers is key.  NK Fitness is my business, but it isn’t theirs.  Therefore, we have a difference in levels of investment.  Being the leading personal training business in Ascot is my baby, my passion but for them it’s a job.  I will never escape this, but I can minimise the impact it has on the client experience.  


The productivity gap

I often talk to the business leaders that we offer personal training to about how they maximise productivity in their staff.  Surely it’s impossible for employee’s to share the same level of passion and productivity as their boss?  Not impossible, but certainly not the norm.  Someone who is guaranteed a salary each month can be forgiven for not possessing the same level of productivity as someone who relies on the amount of personal training sessions delivered for their income.  You will always find better personal trainers in Ascot working as freelancers than in a commercial gym.  


For the private personal trainer, delivering good sessions is crucial to maintaining income.  For the employed personal trainer, a set wage each month takes this urgency away.  When personal training becomes ‘just a job’ business doesn’t go so well.  


Ascot personal training must be a passion

If you choose to be a personal trainer as ‘just a job’  then day to day motivation is going to be hard.  In an employed commercial gym setting it’s going to result in:


  1. High turnover of clients
  2. Reduced client progress
  3. Reduced client satisfaction
  4. A premature change of career


In the private sector the ‘just a job’ approach cannot work.  Clients pick up on the lack of attention to detail and the lack of investment.  The lack of passion may manifest itself as:


  1.  Lack of individualised programming
  2. Reduced coaching energy levels
  3. Lapses in concentration 


All of the above can be damaging to business.  At Nk Fitness we pride ourselves on delivering above client expectations and providing a fitness training experience.  If you would like to know how we can help you reach your goals safely and effectively then please contact us here for a free, no obligation consultation.