NK Fitness began trading way back in 2011.  Having grown and survived for 10 years it’s easy to forget the harsh realities of being a private personal trainer.  If you are not in front of clients then you are not earning.  Therefore, if you are not delivering sessions then the job simply doesn’t exist.  This was the topic of conversation earlier this week when discussing the future direction of our staff appointments.


The job of a private personal trainer

Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer.  The turnover in the industry is huge though.  Why?  Because few people manage to make it a full time occupation.  To be a private personal trainer as your sole income you need to be in front of people.  We only earn money when we are delivering sessions.  Not enough clients in any given week and there’s not enough income.  Therefore, the business of gaining clients, converting new leads and retaining them becomes all important.


What do people exepect from a private personal trainer?

The cost of private personal training is higher than many other forms of training.  Gym memberships and group exercise classes are significantly cheaper.  As a result people expect a higher level of service.  The private fitness coach in Ascot cannot simply direct the session and call out the exercises and count.  They must be prepared to do additional work to make sure that the client has a good experience.  Changing weights plates and moving equipment around should be the norm.  And of course, an excellent standard of fitness coaching.


When taking on new staff they must be fully aware that their job relies solely on their ability to gain and retain clients.  If they are not spending plenty of time in front of paying customers then they will not have a job.  This is a very important consideration.  At NK Fitness we pride ourselves on leading the market in customer experience, having retained several clients from 2011!