Plateaus and keeping training interesting

What is a plateau?

Getting results is the main reason to be training. Getting demotivated and reaching plateau for a gym goer is when they stop seeing results after working out a lot. This makes you feel like your not doing enough or not getting enough nutrition to feed your fitness regime. Maybe, you have to crank it up a notch or maybe you just have to think differently and embrace change. Changing or adding new exercises to your routine keeps you out of a plateau and makes your routine interesting to do.

How do I keep training interesting?

I like to keep my training different every 5-6 weeks. Giving the body enough time to adjust and progress with training without boredom or demotivation getting in the way. If plateau occurs with a lift either change the exercise, volume or weight but still stimulate the same muscles. For example, if plateau occurred on barbell back squat and you weren’t able to push anymore weight. Changing the exercise to a front squat can help or change the volume of reps and percentage of weight.

Changing the movement’s you do

If you typically do the same exercises week in week out. Your body will get to used to doing the same workout and you will experience a plateau at some point. You don’t want to get to this point in your training and the best way to avoid it it to change the movements regularly. Making the decision early on will minimise the potential of experiencing a plateau.

Excited for your workout?

You want to leave your workout excited for the next one. If you already know what is going to be in the next workout and your exited for it you will find you’ll get more results. This is why its so important to have a plan for training.

Last note

As a personal trainer in Windsor I sort all of my clients schedules out so that they don’t get to the point of experiencing a plateau. If you train by yourself make sure you change your workout regularly to avoid this to.