Becoming a private personal trainer in Fulham for many is a hobby.  Something to be done during spare time to earn a bit of extra cash.  Many people train to become personal trainers because they enjoy training themselves.  They’ve taken something they feel passionate about and turned it into a job.  However, there is so more than meets the eye.  Ask any established private personal trainer in Fulham and they will tell you that delivering sessions is such a small part of the role.


The People Business

Get into personal training purely for the money and you will make a mistake.  Sure, some of London’s wealthiest personal trainers will operate in and around Fulham and Parsons Green.  However, their success is likely to stem from the fact that they like people.

If you don’t like genuinely working with people then personal training is a poor choice.  When you sell your time, people skills have to be top of your list in terms of skill set.  This goes without saying.  However, the key point that I’m trying to impress is that you have to be interested in them as individuals.  I once read that becoming personal friends with clients compromises the boundaries and affects your working relationship.  I agree with this but i do find value in establishing a strong but relaxed working relationship.  Taking an interest in your clients profession and their life outside of training can go a long way to improving the quality of their experience.  Any successful private personal trainer in Fulham will have great social skills.  They know how to apply them to get the best from their clients.


Adding the human factor to personal training results in a significant amount of time liaising with clients via text, email and social media.  For every hour spent with a client each week I would suggest that there is an additional 30 minutes spent communicating beyond the session.  When clients invest their time, money and energy into you they also invest in your head space – they get a piece of you.


Private Personal Trainer in Fulham must avoid complacency

Like everything in life, it’s easy to become complacent!  Once the diary has built up with regular clients the motivation to sell remaining blocks of time can wane.  Complacency can mark the beginning of the end for a personal trainer.  Clients pick up on it during sessions.  If they perceive less value then you run the risk of losing them. Take your eye off the ball and the enquiries dry up – no one to fill in any time gaps that may appear as your client base evolves.  Whether it’s business admin or planning sessions, maintaining self discipline is crucial to the personal trainers survival.