Summer is coming and what a great time to workout outside with a PT

Summer is coming and you get the feeling of wanting to be outside more. The feeling of the wind blowing through your hair and the sun on your skin. It’s an amazing feeling, it’s even more amazing when you can workout at your place. Now that is better than the gym. Not only do you get to get the workout you want you don’t have to feel like you missing out by not being outside.


You have a couple of opportunities when working outside. You’ll be able to workout at the local park or in your back garden. The local park can be a great place especially when the sun is shining and you can bring the kids along for an hour. Or if you are stuck for time and still want to get a workout done. You can workout in the garden so close to your shower and clean clothes that an hour won’t get in the way of your evening time in the summer time.


The equipment your able to use is exactly the same as at the gym. Well the portable equipment anyway. You will become the machine for the running and cardio exercise. Your new PT will bring all the equipment needed so no restrictions on what goals you want to achieve.

People staring at you, won’t happen

We all know that going to the gym requires a lot more than just turning up. You have to look good and wear the up to date clothes to impress the other men or women in the gym. All this pressure if you feel this way is taken away. Your purely with your trainer to workout with no distractions or people staring at you. You might be new to working out and the gym felt like the first time you walk into the food hall at college. Everyone stares at you and judges you. While your working outdoors you don’t have this feeling of insecurity or anxiety. It’s a freedom you have to experience.

Last thought

As a mobile personal trainer in the Windsor area I have been working with lots of people outdoors. With my experience, if you get bored of the gym you will love the outdoors. The fresh air and freedom to move without feeling claustrophobic of the walls around you. Gives you a sense of feeling that makes you workout harder than in the gym.