So Week 4 of the CrossFit Open has come and gone. We are now entering the final week and before I get too excited, I needed a bit of a reality check. With the open going pretty well and finding myself higher on the leaderboard than expected, I was feeling good going into week 4. Enter Dave Castro, HQ’s man behind the CrossFit Games. Castro likes to surprise everyone with the programming each year, and this week he didn’t disappoint. Last year 55 deadlifts at 102kg did not go well for me, A whole year on and I still suck at deadlift.


CrossFit Open 18.4

Within a 9 Minute time cap, simply complete as much of the following as possible:

21 / 15 / 9 reps of
Deadlift at 102kg
Handstand Press Ups


21 / 15 / 9 reps of
Deadlift at 143kg
50ft Handstand Walk between each set


Finally Handstand Walking Enters the Open

When I woke up to see that HS walks had finally entered the Open I was beyond happy (I’m okay as these). 2 minutes later, not so happy… In order to reach the walks I would have to complete 45 deadlift at 102 plus 21 at 143! I’ve spent a lot of time improving my strength this year but that would be 21 reps at 75% of my 1 rep max?!?

Nevertheless I was excited to have a go, with the goal of simply lifting the heavier weight a decent number of times. What actually happened was that I reached 143 in good time, unfortunately my workout came to a grinding halt. It took me just under 3 minutes to grind out 21 (very ugly looking) reps, leaving only 19 seconds to try and handstand walk.

I was pretty bummed, only 21 at 143 while people around me on the leaderboard were cruising through no problem!


Take a Look Back, Trust The Process

Entering the Open last year my 1 Rep Max was 165/170kgish. I just lifted 143 21 times after 45 reps at 102. Last year the deadlift ruined me completely, this year, sure they were tough, but I survived.

Taking a moment to look back, I wouldn’t have even considered the heavy bar last year, let alone being annoyed I only got 21 reps!! Trusting the process and making sure I look back at how far I have come is something I have always struggle with. But this time I think I can say I’m happy with it. The next time you are having an off day or feeling down, take a look at how far you have come.


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