Take a walk for a healthier lifestyle


When I was looking at my TED homepage for an inspirational video on having a healthier lifestyle. I came across this little eye opener. This woman who I’m not familiar with, speaks about how when she had an interview for a job she wanted. Her interviewer was busy at the same time of the scheduled meeting. In fact, she was going to walk her dogs, so she suggested to go ahead with the meeting whilst they walk.


As they both were walking, she was so out of breath that she wasn’t able to ask the questions she wanted. Never a good sign when going for a job. It taught her a good lesson though. She needed to get fitter and healthier for herself. This situation was the milestone that she had needed to make the relevant changes to her life.


What she mentioned also is that in the 21st century there are many of the population that sit all day long from when they are children to when they are adults. In fact, we spend most of our life sitting.


  •  At a desk through school which leads to sitting at a desk at work.
  • At home doing homework which leads to sitting at home doing research or other work commitments.
  • As we eat breakfast lunch and dinner.
  • As we talk and socialise with friends and colleagues.


She mentions in her talk that we sit around 9.3 hours per day. I’m not sure where the statistic comes from however if you have a 9 till 5 job sitting at a desk then that is 8 hours right there.


In 2016 I heard a lot about the tracking device FITBIT.   A device that tracks your steps along with a number of different data. I didn’t like the idea at first because I didn’t think it was accurate. However, now I can see the major benefit for people who don’t workout and live a sedentary lifestyle. They are the people that don’t realise that they are not doing anything.


The Fitbit gives these people the opportunity to recognise that they haven’t done any exercise, which makes them have an incentive to go and walk. This is a great piece of motivation for a lot of the population.


Now instead of not doing anything of an evening they are walking more, and keeping active. This can only lead to one thing, weight loss. I can see the benefit. As a Personal trainer in Windsor I suggest to my clients who sit in an office most of the day to walk as much as possible. This tells the body that you have physically functioned, so it burns the calories that you have eaten that day.