No! You’re not too old for training, whatever your age.  The human body is one of the most impressive apsects of biology on the planet.  It has the ability to adapt.  Sure, there are periods of our lives when it may adapt more readily to the demands of fitness training.  But this doesn’t mean it will never adapt.  Age, injuries, confidence and social factors all contribute to concerns for people as they get older as to what fitness activities they undertake.  As a result we see many people doing less and less as they age.  This viscous circle then means that they continue to lose fitness.  With a loss of fitness comes a potential loss of functional capacity.  And so the downward spiral continues.   All is not lost though.  People of all ages are able to reverse this process with the right approach.  We provide Ascot strength training for older individuals.


70 year old Avengers?

Populations are living longer.  With advances in medicine and social norms we are staying more active into our later years.  Take a look at how many world champions there are across different sports in their 70’s and beyond.  Outside of sports, take a look at how many people of pension age look ripped as they enjoy the gym or the sunshine.  This ‘shift’ from a few decades ago can only be a good thing.  It shows what’s possible – that you can remain strong, fit and healthy into your 70’s, 80’s and beyond.

At NK Fitness we have several clients who are retired or approaching retirement and are stronger and fitter than they’ve been before.  We will often hear stories of them being able to outperform their 20 or 30 something children.  Ski trips, single leg squat challenges and tennis matches, we seem to be producing winners amonsgt the older generation.  Get in touch with us here to find out more about our Ascot strength training for older individuals.