Have you ever wondered whether you are doing the right sort of fitness training?  How do you know if you’re training to the best of your ability? Could you be getting more results from doing things differently?  These questions are commonplace and very difficult to answer.  There are certainly a number of different methods to monitor your fitness training responses and help inform future training.  The bottom line is that Fulham fitness training is an art form as well as a science.  As expert personal trainers we have a good grasp of the science that underpins health, fitness, training and performance.  How we apply these to our many Fulham clients so that they get the best results is where the art comes in!


Is the Fitness Industry evolving?

Someone asked today whether the fitness industry has moved on much in the last two years.  Yes and no!  I think we are seeing training become very simple in many ways.  Simple exercises done fast for lots of repetitions in order to maximise calorie expenditure.  Similarly, the best nutritional advice I am seeing is focussing purely on calories in versus out and not the complex combinations of micro nutrients!  In many ways it’s nice to see things being kept simple.  I think that this has been fuelled by peoples desire to control weight and improve general fitness.


On the other hand, the fitness industry has evolved when it comes to training for performance.  The very best Fulham personal trainers will be updating themselves with knowledge from all manner of training disciplines.  We are seeing the relevance of athletics, gymnastics, weightlifting and endurance training combinations.  What is the value of this?  The real benefit comes in the ability to pool together the very best combinations of exercises to meet training goals.  The breadth of Fulham fitness training that can take place is significantly increased. In turn the quality of training progression goes through the roof!


Broadening the fitness repertiore

The vast majority perform the same training year round.  It’s a bit like eating from a very limited menu.  Whenever I work with a client one of the key factors I try to develop is the breadth of their training.  I want to increase the range of exercises that they have at their disposal.  Changing exercises provides the nervous system and muscles with a different stimulus each time.  In turn, this creates an athlete who is able to respond to more situations.  Having a large menu of exercises at your disposal allows you to adapt training around injuries, to suit equipment availability and maximise progress.  However, training variety must not lack focus.  The exercises that you select must have purpose.  If you select your training based upon your goals every session then variety should be fine.  This is what gives Fulham fitness training consistency.  Consistent training leads to steady improvement.


So if you’re looking to keep training on track be sure to check in with the content every now and then.  Are there other exercises from other disciplines, such as gymnastics and athletics, that could help you out?  For example, some athletics training basics can be found here.  Keep training consistently whilst drip feeding new drills and methods to enhance the stimulus that your body is getting.  Do this, and you are on your way to becoming a more well rounded athlete.