I first became a member of a CrossFit gym in 2012 (CrossFit North Devon). I loved the new challenges of learning movements and really pushing myself each and every day. Alongside this I was still playing rugby to a decent standard. So you could say my competitive nature was well and truly satisfied!

It’s possible I went too far and ended up “competing” too much. If i’m honest I played my final season of Rugby at about 80% because I was so beaten up from training for 2 sports.

Because of this, I made the decision to stop playing rugby and take the time to fix myself properly. This was in 2015 (I think). During that time I was still training hard at CrossFit, however I was no longer competing, not even in training. Yes it was good to try and beat people in the classes, but I was being “sensible” and trying to look after my body more. In the 2 years since stopping rugby, I competed in 1 CrossFit Competition, and loved it. Other than that, I didn’t really challenge myself. As a result, I feel my training became a bit stale.


Moving Forward

With the decision to head to University (finally), I have also set myself the goal of breaking into the top 100 athletes in Europe for CrossFit.  I now have my sights set on a goal, a new challenge. My training has definitely improved, increased motivation from having something to aim for is undeniable.

Due to the fact I have set myself a bit of a greedy goal, I have made sure of a few things. The people around me understand what it is I am trying to do and how to get me there. Stepping away from classes and training specially to my needs has been great. Unfortunately, I am still missing something.


Challenge Yourself with Competition

I love competing, in all honesty I think I hate losing more than I like winning. Either way, I am super competitive. With my new found motivation from challenges within training, I have set myself some competitive challenges as well. I now have 3 events coming up, they aren’t all directly linked to breaking into that top 100, but they’re in the same sphere.

  1. Nuclear Blast – Obstacle race, 2 hours to complete as many 5k laps of the course
  2. European Championship – Big CrossFit competition with online qualifiers
  3. Pound For Pound – CrossFit Competition – based on bodyweight

Goals are great, but I think there needs to be something more. Challenge yourself in new ways, if you’ve never competed in some, sign up and give it a go. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.


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