This last weekend I went to Reading Climbing Centre with my girlfriend Sarah. She’s a keen climber and used to climb all through university. Sarah had wanted me to go climbing with her for a long time. However, we never found the time to go. Until this last weekend where I spent a long time at the top of an auto belay 3 story climb unwilling to let go and let the auto belay take my weight. My body wouldn’t let go of so long because my mind said no. I want to let go but my head was saying “If you do you will fall’. I knew I wasn’t going to fall. It’s funny how your brain takes over in situations of life and death. It was almost like I was at the top without a safety rope.

Climbing Fear

The fear I had experienced at the top of the 3 story climb. I haven’t felt since I was a kid climbing trees for fun. This sort of fear is similar to what we experience when doing something new. Climbing was something completely new to me. I didn’t know I was going to be scared at the top. We are all scared of doing something new. Especially when it comes to fitness. However, after you have done it you feel the urge to repeat and do it again because you loved doing it. This is the way we should look at fitness. You as a beginner will be scared to some extent about trying something new. But when the anxiety has gone you will start to enjoy it. All you have to do is get over that hurdle.


In our last NK Fitness talk Nathan, Toby and I answered a couple questions. One was what does an absolute beginner do. In fact, it is something fun and enjoyable that gets you moving and using your body. This is what climbing felt for me. I was using muscles to climb and have fun. It’s a whole body workout to climb. All your muscles are engaged because they have to be.

Last through (Adrenaline)

Personal training Windsor, I haven’t felt an adrenaline rush like I did whilst I was climbing. Mostly to do with the fear of what could happen and it was my body giving me strength to get through the afternoon. I loved that feeling and I feel that other people need to find something that kicks their adrenal gland into action. You never know you might lose weight and gain muscle purely from just having fun.