Water intake: What should you be drinking and can it effect performance?

You all know that the body is made up of water and therefor needs a lot of water to stay in working order. But how much does your water intake need to be specifically so that it can work? What you need to calculate is your weight in lbs divided by 0.5 equals the amount of water you need to drink in ounces. You will then have a clear amount of water for your water intake. However, you also have water in your food so you need to give that some consideration.

Water in food??????

You don’t tend you calculate this part but we definitely should. Your vegetable you eat are made up of water and therefore should be calculated into your water intake. If you worry about how much water you haven’t drunk during the day. As long as you don’t feel the side effects of being dehydrated then you should be fine. Just have a glass or two when you need it.

Signs of dehydration

There are many signs of de-hydration and most of you should know what they are. You might get dry skin or lips, feel tired, have dark urine, get cramps and feel hungry. However, if these signs crop up all the time for you and therefor indication you are dehydrated. Then it is time to start thinking about carrying more water with you were ever you go. Start by using a 1.5 litre bottle of water to take to work. Water intake is something that is very important for your body and therefore is crucial for human life. Without it you would die, that a big enough reason to drink more.

Better performance and better brain function

I know that not all of you workout and not everyone is an athlete. But with water in your body you can function at your ultimate levels because you are letting your body to. If you starve it of any nutrients or in the case water. You are going to stop your body from being able to function in the way you want. Leaving you frustrated even though you know exactly what you need to do. Drink more water and you’ll become a different person. There are many benefits from drinking the liquid and not enough people realise it.

Last note:

As a personal trainer in Windsor I carry many bottles of water in the car. So that I can have one in my hand in seconds when I’m traveling to the next session. Because I know that if I’m dehydrated I’m not going to be able to communicate properly and this also applies to food. So when you next thinking about that big day at work or that next big meeting. Make sure you have enough water with you.