Tired of the endless stream of fitness facts?! Here’s a bit of humour I wrote a few years ago, I’m pretty sure it still rings true with myself and Nathan. Firstly I’m not really sure why we are even having this debate!! Beards are awesome. They are also making a comeback, in the 2011 Rugby World Cup 95% of all the forwards had beards. The ancient Egyptians sported false metal beards (postiches) as a symbol of sovereignty and Russian Noblemen paid 100 rubles a year for a medallion that served as a beard license in years gone by. The following article proves that this comeback is a good thing and why YOU should grow a beard.


10 Facts As To Why Beards Are Great

  1. Awesome people have beards. 98% of all lumber jacks, warriors and bad-asses have beards. Think about it?! Have you ever seen a clean shaven baby-faced lumberjack? No. King Leonidas, Hagrid, Sean Connery, Gandalf and Alan from the Hangover all have beards.
  2. Beards are cool. What’s cooler than seeing a man with a good beard? Nothing.
  3. You live longer. Scientific research done by the University of Massachusetts Amherst concluded that bearded men are more likely to outlive their non bearded counterparts purely because bearded men have a higher level of immunity against harmful bacteria and viruses. The study consisted of twelve men, six bearded men and six bald face men, all of which had physical injuries and infections on them. After monitoring them for several months, it turns out that the bearded men healed a lot faster than the non bearded men.
  4. Beards are cool. They give you something to stroke when thinking.
  5. You are Stronger and can go for longer. Not many people know this, but the more hair you have in general, the stronger you are physically. This is because your hair follicles contain a chemical called Biotin which is responsible for increased levels of stamina. When you chop them off, you decrease your strength levels. This was one of the reasons why in biblical times, men were never allowed to cut their hair or shave their beard.
  6. Beards are cool. They make nerds look like rugged hunks.
  7. You deal with stress better. Since you posses a higher level of strength, maturity and vigour, this gives you an edge over those that chop this source of power out of their face.
  8. Beards are cool. They just are.
  9. It’s weather proof. In hot seasons, it helps the face perspire more by generating more moisture for the skin, thereby preventing you from having those horrible black spots or green spots in some people. In cold seasons, it helps heat your face up so you don’t constantly have a frozen face.
  10. Beards are cool. Gimli in Lord of the Rings has a beard.


Final Note

This may go some way to explain why both myself and Nathan sport a bit of facial fuzz! However, if your looking for some more fitness related information or how to get in touch with one of our Expert Personal Trainers in Berkshire, click now.