Its convenient.  That’s the bottom line.  A fitness gym near you that has the basic facilities that you are looking for will always trump the state of the art gym that is out of the way.  Great facilities, great staff and excellent programmes are all desirable.  But none of these factors outweighs the importance of logistics.  In this latest blog we illuminate what you really need to consider when selecting a fitness gym near you.


Consistently turn up

I have lost count of the number of times I say this to clients.  The number one variable that influences someone’s progress in a gym is consistency.  Keep turning up at regular intervals and you will reap the benefits.  There are so many different approaches that will get a person fitter and healthier – so what you do when you get to the gym is not as important as getting there in the first place.  Selecting a fitness gym near you will significantly increase the liklihood that you will consitently turn up.  Whether it’s near to your home, your work or en route doesn’t matter – the location just has to fit easily into your day to day routine.


Consistently stick to the programme

The other aspect of consistency is sticking to a plan.  Increasing evidence would suggest that, to a point. it doesn’t matter what you do at the gym.  Activities that adhere to the basic principles of fitness training should do the trick.  However, the variety of programming options that are available are endless.  Activation training, occlusion, prehab, A/B/C phases, accessory work … the list can go on.  However, we often see many people not complete all of their programmes.  The more elaborate or detailed the programme, the more things are ‘cherry picked’ and other aspects of the programme don’t get done.


If you’re serious about fitness then focus on logistics and convenience being the most important factors.  Find a fitness gym near you and you’re more likely to go.  The more you go, the more you’ll do.  Stick to a sound programme and you’ll get results.  If you’d like to experience a fitness gym near you in the Ascot area feel free to reach out to us here.