You could probably predict that the answer is – it depends!  It will depend on your goals, your lifestyle and your circumstances.  If your needs are specific then you may not need an experienced sunningdale personal trainer for very many sessions.  However, if your goals are more general then you may find yourself using personal training for years!  Obviously there are budgetary contraints too and like with all fitness training choices, it has to fit easily into your existing lifestyle.  This last point is crucial – if personal training is to be successful then it must compliment every other aspect fo daily life.  Think parking, timings and location.

When will you see results?

Again it depends.  However, many clients will feel the benefits of their personal training sessions straight away.  And a lot of our clients at NK Fitness feel positive benefits of their training immediately.  Of course, it takes time for the body to adapt and build muscle or lose fat.  So what are the benefits that clients may experience early on?  Straight away there’s the ‘feel good’ factor.  A rush of endorphins that coincides with exercising well and knowing that you’re taking the right steps to improve your health.  There’s also the knock on effect that this may have on other lifestyle habits.  For example, a lot of our clients like to exercise in the morning as it helps them to feel that they’ve started the day right.  This has a positive impact on things like their food choices and sleep patterns during the remainder of the day.

When you start working with a personal trainer one of the key benefits will be that they show the right techniques when exercising.  Learning these movement skills can have an immediate impact on everyday life.  For example, learning to engage the glutes and brace the midline when moving can often have an instant impact of clients.  This is why we may hear them say that they feel better, even after just one week.


Reality versus the biology of improvment

Significant biological changes take time to happen in the human body.  So the process of building muscle and reducing body fat levels can take time.  Most scientific studies will measure improvements over 6+ weeks.  This is because they want to be confident that any changes they measure are real.  The rate at which someone improves will depend on their genetics as well as their training status.  Novices are more likely to experience big improvements early on.  As training experience increases, improvements become harder to come by.  In the industry we call this the Law of Diminishing Returns.


To summarise, if you train with an experienced Sunningdale personal trainer such as NK Fitness then it’s possible you might feel the benefits immediately.  How long you need to continue personal training will ultimately be up to you, but some should always be better than none.