Our emotional brains are failure averse.  We therefore dislike mistakes and criticism and enjoy praise.  When you pride yourself on being an excellent fitness coach in Sunningdale, positive feedback is good.  Recently, at NK Fitness, we have been very fortunate to receive some extremely complimentary feedback and wnated to share it with you.


What are people saying about us

Head to the NK Fitness page on Google and you will be able to read all the reviews written about NK Fitness over the years.  The personal training world can be superficial in parts.  This isn’t surpirising because a common outcome of personal training is to improve how well an individual looks.  This is obviously very subjective for each individual, but will follow the lines of lose fat and improve muscle tone.  As a result, how fitness coaches and personal trainers looks can influence their business.

Too often excellent fitness coach in sunningdale can be judged on their own appearance.  After all, being able to practice what you preach is important in this trade.  However, the real skill is for the coach to be able to get the most from their clients.  Looking the part is only one part of the equation.  This is why we are delighted that the most popular phrases used by our clients include:

  • Knowledge
  • Professional
  • Results

For clients to feel that these are our most important skills means a lot to us.  It reflects a level of confidence in our expertise that we can get the job done efficiently at the individual level.


Clients as a reflection of you

Meaningful feedback about our training and it effectiveness is far more valuable than superficial feedback regarding our own aesthetics.  It also says a lot about the clients that we attract and what they have come to us for.  To be regarded as knowledgeable and professional whilst getting results represents and massive win.  We must be doing something right.  It results in a high number of client referals too.

However, like with our  clients training if we wish to maintain our reputation then we need to keep evolving.  If you’d like a free, no obligation consultation then contact us using the contact form.