At NK Fitness we are proud of our experience of working with elite athletes.  We are also proud of our competitive side, with our coaches still competing in fitness and sport.  As a result we work with a lot of ‘athletes’ across different levels of sport.  This includes grassroots to the professional games in rugby, football and netball.  But what about our many clients that simply do not want to be athletes?  Do we try to turn them into athletes?  No!  At NK Fitness, personal trainer windsor, we recognise that not everyone is interested in performance, and some simply want to move more.  Here’s how we condition the ‘non-athletes’


The main ingredient

Sessions must be stimulating.  The best personal trainers in windsor can only help someone if they are in front of them and have their confidence.  The non athletes need to find sessions varied and fun.  Athlete’s will tolerate, and even enjoy, monotony in their training.  Athlete’s strive for perfection.  The regular punter doesnt care for perfection.  They need variety to help pass the time and they need to experience enjoyment too.  This variety comes in the form of a different exercises, no more than 2-3 sets of any one movement.  Repetitions are kept to 10-15.  Chat levels are high – there is plenty of conversation and ‘banter’.  In fact, onlookers may be forgiven for thinking that there isn’t much work taking place.  This isn’t the case though as clients will be moving as they’re talking / laughing.


Ticking the fitness boxes

So with the fun box ticked its time to take care of business. Ensuring that our non athlete gets what they paid for.  A workout.  The key factor here is managing the work to rest ratio.  Making sure that the client spends more time moving than they do resting.  The use of minicircuits and short transitions between movements is highly effective.  For those clients coming in at a lower fitness level resistance circuits can be interspersed with bouts of cardio.  As the best personal trainers in Windsor we will always provide one specific section of a workout where the client gets to select the tempo so that they can recover.   A good rule of thumb is asking them to work at a perceived effort level of 7 out of 10.


Making lean muscles without bodybuilding

Fun, ticked.  Cardiovascular fitness, ticked.  Now its time to ensure that muscles are toned up.  Again, we will tend to look at the structure of our resistance circuits.  In particular, we pay attention to exercise order.  Whole body movement, lower body movement, upper body movement and then core movement.  Sequencing movements in this order means that we can give muscles a suitable rest between consecutive sets.  In other words, if we programme squats as part of a circuit, the ‘non athlete’ client will use their arms and then their core before asking the leg muscles to perform a squat again.  This give them the best chance of maintianing good technique as well power output.


More than just athletes

Against a back drop of continual ‘chit chat’, keeping sessions varied, keeping the client moving and alternating the muscles that we ask them to use is how we maintain the attention and enthusiasm of our ‘non sporty’ clientele.  It’s a system that’s proven to work for us, and more importantly our clients, over many years.  If you want expert coaching from the best personal trainers in windsor , delivered in a fun and motivating environment but fear we are only interested in athletes then please think again.  Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.