There has been a boom in the availability of online programmes to get lean in recent years.  Improvements in technology mean that we can access coaches the world over.  We’ve discussed the value in adding online programming to your repertiore as a leading personal trainer in Berkshire.  However, what should you look for in purchasing an online programme to get lean?  What are the key ingredients that will help you get fit, healthy and lean? Here’s what we think.


Getting fit and lean

Lets face it, we all want to drop a little body fat and tone up our muscles when we train.   I defy anyone who wouldn’t smile at seeing a slightly leaner version of themselves in the mirror.  For some, making a significant transformation is the goal.  Therefore, if you’re going to get your online programmes to get lean then make sure it’s easily geared up for shedding fat lbs.  In a nutshell it should have:

  • Guidance on monitoring macronutrients
  • An exercise programme to follow
  • Guidance on lifestyle habit to suuport diet and training


Getting Fit and Lean in a little more detail

You can’t out-train a bad diet, because body composition ultimately comes down to energy balance, which is down to the food you eat.  Different programmes will champion different diets.  However they choose to do it, make sure you understand how and why they’re managing calorie input.  Also, is it sustainable?

If food intake is one half of the energy balance equation then activity level is the other half.  However, a progressive exercise programme that suits your ability, environment and lifestyle is important.  Is the programme easy to understand and flexible enough for you to fit into your daily routine?  What activity guidance is offered outside of formal training sessions?


Online training with NK Fitness

We providie online programmes to get lean and healthy.  In addition to the basic ingredients listed above we work with individuals so that we can understand their lifestyles and any specific challenges that they face.  Our online training programmes have ‘built in’ felxibility which allow clients to tailor their workout experience to their needs.  Afterall, successful and sustainable training must be easy to implement.  If you would like to discuss training online with NK Fitness  to get lean contact us here.