Fitness programmes are ten a penny.  The online fitness community is booming.  There is no shortage of workout options for all walks of life and to suit all budgets.  Economical and efficient, how do you get the most from an online training programme?  Here we look at some important considerations when taking the plunge into online fitness coaching.

What is your entry level?

What level of programme are you looking for?  How fit are you compared to where you wish to be?  What resources do you have available to you?  Once you’ve assessed your situation you should have an idea of the level of programming you need.  From a few workouts to intricate daily plans there will be several options to suit any entry level into the online fitness market.  The more advanced online training programme will certainly need to be individualised.  Many coaches will offer some form of regular individual contact.  This then informs how much they personalise your programme.


Return on your investment

Money talk.  What is your budget for the level of programming you require.  Absolute cost is an important factor but do try to look beyond that to relative value.  Are you paying to be associated with a ‘name’ or brand?  Do look behind the cost at factors such as level of individualisation, amount and method of communication / feedback.  We often see people opt for a cheaper programme, only to return at a later date because it was lacking in quality.


Online training programme with NK Fitness

At NK Fitness we offer a number of online training options.  However, we much prefer to have some ‘skin in the game’, and see the whites of a clients eyes to be truly effective.  However, online programming is used for those based abroad.  We also use it to supplement clients one to one personal training sessions with us.  Our underlying principle when using an online training programme is adding value to the client – if it doesn’t help the client get where they want, how they want then we do not implement it.