NK Fitness offer online and remote fitness coaching.  This is nothing new.  However, enforced national lockdown has forced the entire personal training and fitness coaching industry online.  As an ‘old school’ coach lockdown hasn’t been the easiest transition for me.  If I wanted to be a childrens tv presenter I would have gone to stage school!  However, as the weeks of isolation pass by it’s becoming easier.


Online Fitness Coaching @ NK Fitness

NK fitness offer three tiers of online coaching support.  All three include programming, but they vary in the extent and methods of offering support and feedback.  Online fitness coaching and programming benefits many of our clients.  We enjoy a mix of those who interact solely via our online platforms, along with clients who supplement their personal training sessions with online programming too.

It would be fair to say that as a individual coach I personally find the concept of remote coaching and programming awkward.  I certainly see that clients get great programming from it, but I’ve always preferred the dyanmism of working 1 to 1 directly.  Coaching in person is my comfort zone.  I can use my coaching skill set to maximise the relationship with the client and get the best productivity out of them.


Concerns About Remote Fitness Coaching @ NK Fitness

My colleagues seemed to adapt to the concept of online programming more quickly than me!  My perception was that their youth and better handle on all things technology and social media made them naturally better.  This is probably true too!  I didn’t want to see myself on a screen and I worried that the changing dynamic would reduce my coaching capacity.  To be honest I also worried that my clients would share my concerns and opt to fly solo during lockdown.

Some of these concerns have come true. Not all of my clients have continued to train with me during isolation.  I’ve had to accept that online fitness coaching isn’t for everyone.  However, remote fitness coaching has worked well with those who have transitioned.  Taking time to ensure camera angles support coaching cues is important.  The coaching part of sessions is still where the magic happens!  I’ve also learned to talk less, pause, and provide more opportunity for clients to feedback.


NK Fitness Online Coaching Moving Forward

Everyone is sharing their experiences of dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic.  People in the fitness space are looking towards lessons learned and what methods can be adopted post-isolation.  There is no question that online training will be in a better place after the lockdown is lifted.  The sheer volume of practice that I am getting means that I’m better at it!  The bottom line is that the coaching relationship doesn’t have to be lost in an online environment.