Squeezing training into a busy daily schedule is a real challenge.  Despite making time for fitness and scheduling priority it can be difficult to fit it in.  As a result, planning when training is taking place can become stressful, and lead to some glaring errors as I discovered recently.  I am currently using cycling for fitness to build an endurance base and recently needed to get a steady 40 min cycle ride done.  Finding the time for it was causing me stress but the outcome was brilliant.


Cycling for Fitness and Health

Getting on a bike and pushing the pedals is a fantastic way to improve fitness and health.  Cycling requires you to use a large muscle mass in the legs which means that it places a good level of stress on the cardiovascular system.  The legs work continuously to keep the bike moving which means that rides of 20 minutes and more can be great for developing endurance.  Cycling for fitness is also low impact on the joints making it great for people with joint issues that might be aggravated by impact.


Cycling Outdoors vs The Gym

I’ve recently been doing the bulk of training at the gym.  With a busy work schedule finding the time for a 40 min cycle was proving difficult and I had to head out at 6am.  Even then the timing was tight because of travel to and from said gym.  Just before leaving I realised the madness.  I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I have a real bike!!


Cycling for fitness is far superior on a real bike than in the studio.  As a result my session was far better than it would have been at the gym.  No travel time, uneven terrain that needs negotiating, fresh air and natural scenery.  It brings home the importance of keeping fitness real rather than artificial as much as possible.  There was no display telling me calories spent and cadence.  I had to listen to what the body was telling me.

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