Hot weather workouts and what you need to do in the summer to stay safe

When you workout in the hot weather it is lovely and you get to be outside in the sun. Everyone love to train out does especially under the Berkshire sun. Whether that’s in the morning, midday or the evening there are many aspects you need to take into consideration. You might forget one of these aspects one day and will be left with a situation so make sure you remember them if you’re working out in the hot weather.

Drink lots of water before and during your workout

You must drink lots of water when working in the hot weather. With the temperature being higher it is easier for your body to dehydrate. Being dehydrated can easily lead to muscle cramp, lack of focus and being lightheaded. To be sure that your hydrated drink your recommended daily about of water throughout the day and have 1 litre of extra fluid when you are training with your personal trainer.

If you burn wear sun block

Due to the sun not coming out much in the UK you won’t be exposed to the sun was much as hotter countries. You won’t be able to handle the sun because our bodies are covered up most of the year. Be sure to put sun cream on the exposed areas so that you don’t burn. There is nothing worse than working out the day after you’ve been burnt. It feels like you’re coming out of a hard shell. However, if you do burn do make sure you put after sun on to help recovery.

Take some time in the shade when doing HIIT

You might want to start off in the sun to get your daily dose of vitamin D. This is great and will help you with your immune system but when the heat gets to much start too move closer to the shade were you are protected from the sun.

Wear sweat wicking clothes that get rid of moisture

One thing that I know as a personal trainer is that if you wear your winter workout clothes in the summer. You are going to boil and feel uncomfortable whilst working out. I suggest getting different workout clothes for the summer. Wear short instead of leggings or sweat pants. The sweat wicking clothes will help you feel cool and make you enjoy your workout like you usually do.

Think about what time of day is best for you

For some people they will want to workout during the peak of a sunny day. If you aren’t one of these people make sure to ask your trainer if he/she has any morning or evening sessions. The sun will be much cooler and the hot weather will have died down. Making it a much better workout environment for you.

Last note:

The summer is a great time of year to be a personal trainer in Windsor. You get to workout outside with our clients and enjoy the beautiful weather. People get jealous of your job until they think about what the winter is like.