Why is there pressure to look good for the beach in the summer?

If your one of these people who only want to look good for about 2-3 weeks of the year. You have your health and lifestyle the wrong way around. In all honesty there shouldn’t be a workout time just to look good naked on the beach. You should workout consistently throughout the year so you can look good and feel good all year round.

You feel like everyone judges you

The reason why you think everyone is judging you is because you’ve made up this in your head. I see many people on the beach that look great and they have so much anxiety that leads them to think that they don’t. Then there are people who don’t look as good but in another persons perspective. However in there perspective they look great. it all depends on hoe much effort you put into your health and wellbeing. If you looked a certain way 10 years ago and look better now. You are going to love your body. But if you haven’t got anything to compare yourself to because your to young or haven’t workout but still look good. It’s the feeling that gives you the confidence not the look.

The pressure starts when you book that holiday

Once you book your holiday and you feel the pressure of having to look good for the beach. You need to take a better look at what your lifestyle is like. This pressure is put on by yourself and its there because you yourself feel deep down that you could be healthier. Not just to look good on the beach. That come as a by product of being healthy. But to feel like you look after your body all year round. So you don’t have to workout like a maniac 3 months before the holiday to look good for 3 weeks in Spain.

You know that you can do better but have been putting it off

If you have this feeling of knowing that you could do something to help your health and wellbeing but didn’t. You will feel guilty and the only person who can help is yourself. Even if its eating more veg, cutting down on the doughnuts, walking more and drinking more water. These can be a great start to getting healthier and feeling healthier which will then lead to looking healthier. You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym 5 days a week. You have to eat well and keep a consistent workout routine. That workout routine could be 2 days a week of stimulating exercise. Including a 30 minute walk every day would get you closer to feeling great if you did it all year round.

What a personal trainer says

As a personal trainer in Windsor, I have taken on some clients in the past who only want to workout for 3 months before there holiday. The first thing I tell them is that they won’t sustain that lifestyle factor. I then go on to telling them that consistent exercise on a weekly basis for 52 weeks of the year will make sure that they are in tip top shape all year round. Meaning they don’t have to workout vigorously 3 months before every holiday for the rest of there life.