S&C coach, personal trainer, health coach: The real reason to hire one?

Getting a S&C coach or personal trainer to help you in the gym is something many are doing now. You see a lot of people in the gyms and in the local Berkshire parks being trained. Is it because we now know that getting help is something we consider to get ahead. You might not even know you need a coach. However, you can always see that if you are trying to better yourself you can’t do it by doing the same thing as you’ve tried in the past. So getting a coach is a great decision.

The trainer can teach you form

The specifics of the form you adopted when squatting or jumping is critical to the result. You get the form wrong and you can hurt yourself instead of bettering yourself. An S&C coach helps you correct your form and then you can get it correct. You will be starting to get faster and stronger in your chosen sport. Which will be a great achievement for all your hard work.

They can coach you

Many people think that personal training is all about the contact time that you have with your athlete or client. It is much more than that, you have to answer questions so that your student can learn. If you as the coach do more than is asked of you then you are more than a coach. They are there to tell you the hard parts and praise the successes. This is how the client feels like they are on the right track. Appraisal for your client is crucial if you want them to succeed.

New ways of doing things

If you are running for a marathon and you run up the long walk to train every day you will eventually hit a plateau. You will feel stuck and will need answers to get out of it. Thats were your trainer is the first point of call. He/she will recognise what you have to change in your training with and without them. Yo might have to work on your strength to be able to get faster which will mean weight training in a certain way.

They push you more than you would push yourself

I have recently watched an Anthony Joshua documentary about his lead up to fight Vladimir Klitschko. He had his struggle through training when he didn’t want to do another set. But his trainer has there to make sure he made it through the last round. Now without this sort of support system in place he might of walked away and not done the last set of weights.

You trainer or S&C coach won’t let you get away with not doing the last set. He\she has planned it and therefore it’s what you have to do. And thats how you get stronger.

If you are looking for a personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach. We offer a service that is second to none and will support you though your goals.