When you start out as a Windsor personal trainer you want clients.  Gaining plenty of clients means a thriving business and the ability sustain yourself in a job that you love.  With a background as s Strength & Conditioning Coach my time is split between S&C and personal training clients.  Having this different level of experienced is what we feel sets us apart as mobile personal trainers in Windsor and Ascot.  It also means that out time can become stretched.  In turn this makes it more challenging to maintain habits that contribute to being an effective personal trainer.


Good habits for personal trainers

Good habits for expert personal trainers go beyond keeping yourself in shape.  Maintaining a suitable level of fitness is an important part of generating ‘buy in’ from your clients.  As discussed in previous blogs, the effectiveness of a personal trainer is about their ability to relate to their client.  The strength of this relationship combined with knowledge and skills will influence the amount of change they can bring about in a client.  The Windsor personal trainer has to be ‘fit for purpose’.  If the typical client is an athlete, then their fitness coach must be proficient in what they are demonstrating they want athletes to do.  If clients tend to be looking for weight loss then an overweight PT is not going to inspire them.  The first ‘win’ is to show potential clients that you can ‘walk the walk’ yourself!

As eluded to above the best personal trainers in Windsor will need to maintain their expertise.  Keeping up to date through academic research, scientific literature, market trends and collaborating with others are all important.  IT is these habits that can be squeezed when the diary gets tight.  Personally, my colleague Toby introduced me to podcasts and I haven’t looked back.  They are a time efficient way of gaining knowledge whilst I am travelling between clients.  This represented a change in habits for me.  It’s been a successful one.


Experts are saying start small and start simple.

The simple life hacks are the most effective.  They are also the hardest to market.  Basic lifestyle habits that have been proven to have the most positive influence on our health get the least airtime and buy in.  Why?  They’re boring.  They’re too simple.  They don’t lend themselves to social media posts as they have zero sex appeal!  Get more sleep.  Improve your sleep hygiene.  Eat organic.  Eat mostly vegetables, grains and pulses and no sugar.  Find new ways of moving more, do more physical activity and move well.  Ensure your calorie expenditure is less than or equal to your calorie consumption if you wish to lose fat or maintain body composition.  Practice mindfulness.  There it is – the secret!  Except it’s no secret – these have been known for years.  But people struggle to follow them.

Introducing these habits into your daily routine can be much more effective if you start small and simple.  Doing so means you don’t need to make too much space on a daily basis.  In the long term its therefore more sustainable.  In the example above, I started by making time for one podcast a week.  I also committed to taking a probiotic daily.  Two very simple measures that have become habit.  Once the small steps are part of your daily ritual there is scope to go further with them.  For me, I now make time for 3-4 podcast shows every week – I learn a ton of stuff!  I also choose food high in live bacteria on a regular basis to improve my gut health further.  These small habits have become bigger habits.


Need help from a Windsor personal trainer?

Reading this blog alone could help you on your journey to improved health and fitness.  However, in our experience as a leading Windsor personal trainer knowing isn’t enough and they require some help along the way.  We’d love to help you become self sufficient – we really would.  So if you feel you could benefit from our expertise then be sure to contact us here to discuss your needs and goals with one of our expert personal trainers.