We all know that sleep is an essential part of life! In addition, we now know that sleep is an essential part of recovery and well being. About a week ago I was en route to a Personal Training Session thinking about sleep. The time was 5:45AM and I was wandering along Sawyers Hill in Richmond Park, wiping my bleary eyes. It got me thinking, I know I need and want to improve my sleep, but HOW do I do it?

If you have read any of my other blogs, you will know I am an avid reader of Yann Le Meur on Twitter! Try these 4 top tips I found whilst scrolling through his feed!


4 Top Tips to Improve Your Sleep

  1. Find a routine and stick to it – a regular schedule can improve your sleep / wake cycle. Set a bed and get up time that works for you. We’ve been doing this since we were children (well most of us!!), we know it works.
  2. Wind down – much like performing a cool down after a session. Don’t just flop straight into bed and expect to fall asleep instantly. Your body needs to relax, turn of electronic devices and take a shower. This seems trivial but provides the gentle relaxation your body deserves.
  3. Optimise your sleep space – keeping a tidy, dark and cool room provides optimal sleep conditions. Try to reserve your bed for sleeping, not lounging whilst you scroll through social media.
  4. Breathe – deep breathing has been found to improve sleep & recovery. Close your eyes and take slow, full breaths, filling your stomach. Take this time to switch off and drift into sleep.


Final Thoughts

SleepWaking up is not the start of the chain. If you are getting into bed in poor conditions you are setting yourself up to fail. Simple things done well and regularly will soon become habit.

I can often tell when Personal Training in Richmond, London, whether or not a client has had a good nights sleep. As a result, we must adapt sessions to allow extra time to wake and stimulate the body in order to get the most out of the session. Don’t miss out on your training. Sleep well, eat well, train well.