Of course we can do that!  When it comes to selling your services as a personal trainer in Fulham it can be very easy to fall into the trap of over selling yourself.  Prospective clients can drive a hard bargain sometimes so beware.  Promise the earth then you’re bound to come up short of expectations.  Too many personal trainers in Fulham claim to be too many things to too many people.  It’s important to manage a clients expectations during the consultation.  Not only are you more likely to meet their expectations if you start to train them , but you also have more chance of exceeding them.  This has so much more upside as a personal trainer and is a key factor in retaining clients.


What do Fulham Personal Trainers need to manage?

Essentially everything!  From the times that you are available to train through to the time frame that a client can get results.  Being completely up front with a potential client makes for a good product.  Effective Fulham personal trainers must know themselves well.  Having an awareness of professional skill set, strengths and weaknesses is so important.  For example, training someone rapid weight loss is not achievable by all Fulham personal trainers.  This is because they do not possess the knowledge and experience to promote it with their clients.  The services that you offer clients must match your skill set perfectly.


Being uncomfortable is a big part of fitness and health.  Especially if someone employs the services of a Fulham Personal Trainer.  People that need an external coach will find that they are ‘pushed’ during sessions.  New clients can ‘have a wobble’ and question their decision to commence training in the first place.  To give both them and yourself the best opportunity to succeed most trainers will have terms and conditions regarding usage of sessions.  Whether it’s no refunds or an expiry date placed upon a package deal, be sure to spell this out the clients before they buy.  Setting the administrative tone helps to avoid conflict and confusion – allowing both Fulham Personal Trainers and clients to get on with business.