5 of the best core exercises to add to your workout

When I train myself at the gym, I always add at least 2 core exercises to my workout. I do this to keep the little stabiliser muscle in my hips, shoulder girdle and spine strong. I know that without these muscle I wouldn’t be able to progress in my other lifts. Almost all the major lifts use your core in some way or another. So never neglect these small muscle to improve your major muscle groups.

What is the core?

I get asked a lot by my client why we never isolate the abdominals. The reason they ask me is because they want a six pack, who doesn’t? I tell them that the core isn’t just your abdominal muscles. It’s all the muscle that protect and support your spine from top to bottom. These are all the muscle that surround your hips, spine and shoulder girdle. We train these frequently so the whole core is working as a unit.

What are my best movements?

The best movements are the one that are using the whole core all at the same time. I am going to go through 5 of my best core exercises to practice on a regular basis. These movement are very advanced for beginners. I suggest working up to these with regressions and simpler movements.

No:1 Barbell/Ab roller roll out

Roll out     IMG_4538

  • Place your knees hip with apart on the floor and your hands shoulder with apart on the bar.
  • Whilst rolling the bar forward from the shoulder, maintain a straight back, arms and hips.
  • Keep your feet firmly on the ground throughout the movement.
  • Roll back up the starting position without loosing shape in your back or hips.

No:2 Kneeling cable trunk rotation

Kneeling Cable Trunk Rotation       Kneeling Cable Trunk Rotation

  • Set a cable up at shoulder height whilst kneeling.
  • Lunge sideways to the cable with your kneeling leg being closer to the cable.
  • Hips stay solid with minimal movement, chest will be up and arms straight.
  • Rotate at the hips pulling the cable across your body at shoulder height.

No:3 Bird dog advanced variation

Workout for core exercises

  • Start in a press up position, with your hands underneath your shoulders and legs wider than your hips for more stability.
  • Lift one leg and one arm of the floor without rotating at the hips to transfer weight to the balancing leg.
  • Maintaining a straight back and whilst pointing your fingers and heals away from you.

No:4 Landmine rotation

Workout for core exercises      Workout for core exercises

  • Stand with your shoulders parallel to the landmine bar. Keep your knees soft and feet ready to pivot if needed.
  • Rotate the bar towards one side whilst maintaining straight arms and a upright back.
  • Rotate the bar back to the starting position and repeat the movement.

No:5 Straight leg hanging leg raises

workout for Core exercises      Workout for core exercises

  • Hang from a bar with your hands shoulder width apart.
  • Engage your biceps and lats by pulling up slightly.
  • elevate your legs to a right angle whilst keeping your leg straight.
  • Try to avoid swinging, if you find yourself swinging it because your area aren’t engaged.

Last Word

As a personal trainer in Windsor I use these movements for myself and with my clients. If you haven’t trained your core I suggest taking two of these exercises to add them to your routine. These movements are great to add in before or after your main workout.