Charles Darwin

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change” Charles Darwin

I saw this hanging up last year in November and it got me thinking about how it can help everyone.  How these words are portrayed by each person makes the outcome so different. Everyone has a different issue to workout when reading these words. I am going to take 3 different fitness issues.

Train to survive the fitness way

If I was to take 3 people one is strong, one is intelligent and the other one responsive. They all want to loose a little excess body fat because they are carrying to much.


The Strong person wants to the able to loose the fat but doesn’t want to loose the muscle he has gained. This makes his mind think twice about actually loosing the fat. Therefore he is reluctant to change because he doesn’t want to loose what he has works hard to get.

Sometimes we have to loose to realise that we can win again in a different way .


The intelligent man wants to loose the fat, he knows exactly what he has to do. This man always makes an excuse for time and doesn’t have the drive the change. This can be overcome but this man has to realise that he only has one body for his whole life.

Making sure health and fitness is on the priority list is a key indication to a better lifestyle.


The responsive man isn’t the most intelligent or strongest but he gets the job done.This man will lose the weight, learn how to loose the weight and get stronger whilst in the process.

You can clearly see that the man that made a decision to do something about his excess fat. Is the man who succeeded, learnt and gained.

Last Word

As a personal trainer in Windsor it is the responsive client that get the most out of personal training with NK Fitness. The ones who have said yes to caring for their health and fitness by hiring a personal trainer are the ones that are able to change.