In my latest post I wrote about the potential benefits of training in the sun/heat. However, everyone is different. Because of this, check out the following factors that effect your ability to acclimatise.


6 Factors Affecting Acclimatisation

Gender – in the short term, females do not acclimatise as efficiently as males. As a result, take your time and slowly work yourself into training in the sun!

Ethnicity – This one is fairly straight forward. If you’re from or have recently spend a sustained period in a hotter climate, you’re going to acclimatise effectively.

Training Level – those of us with a greater aerobic capacity and V02 max will acclimatise quicker. This will also be accompanied by a greater ability to tolerate heat.

Acclimatisation History – The more it happens the better it will be. Those who spend 2-4 sessions in the hotter weather will show a better response.

Body Composition – A higher body fat % generally relates to V02 Max (see number 3). As a result,  higher levels of body fat can slow acclimatisation.

Health – If you are sick, you may not be able to defend against heat related injuries.


It’s All About You

As with anything, try not to jump in head first before checking the depth. Increase your exposure to training in heat gradually. Be aware of how it affects your body and performance. If you feel it is taking its toll, ease off and spend sometime out of the sun.

Always ensure UV protection and plenty of hydration!


Enjoy Londons Green

With the above in mind, get yourselves outside and enjoy London green spaces in the sun. If you are interested in Personal Training in Twickenham, whether it be inside or out, please get in touch.