The temperature has soared this week in the UK. While Personal Training in Richmond Park, London I was asked whether or not it was good to exercise in the heat. You may have your personal opinions and many of us will avoid the heat when we can. However, I recently read a study that suggested we may want to actively seek the heat!


Heat Training

Training in hot weather may be a daunting prospect. However research has suggested that we may actually find better results when braving it. In the study this post is based on, athletes trained for 60 minutes for 5 days. They completed a range of activities at different intensities.

The results may not be exactly what you expect.


Anaerobic vs Aerobic

The study shows us that aerobic (working with oxygen) training can be enhanced by heat exposure. It is thought that our bodies perceive lower levels of effort and fatigue, but why? A reduction in anaerobic energy release and anaerobic threshold allow us to believe we aren’t working as hard!

In contract, maximum anaerobic efforts do show any sign of improving.


What Does This Mean?

Essentially, if you are looking to maximise your time in the sun, you’re better of going slower, for longer. If your sport involves a large number of meters to be covered, you would benefit greatly from this type of training. If you’re entering your pre-season, try getting a head start with a great tan to match!

For a full over view of the study, click here.

London is covered in green spaces, get out and enjoy them while boosting your fitness. Vitamin D also has huge health benefit, but that’s another blog entirely!