This is not a blog about how leafy Ascot is becoming a hotbed for elite fitness athletes!  In fact, it’s not really about Ascot at all.  But it is about being excellent at what you do.  As Ascot’s leading mobile personal trainers, our aim is to provide excellent fitness support to our clients.  But what does excellent mean on a day to day basis?  How can Ascot personal training help you achieve it?  When it comes to sport, excellence is associated with elite performers.  Athletes who are paid to win.  Even within fitness we have professionals.  Bodybuilders, strongmen and CrossFit Games champions.  These people perform at the top of their game.


Excellence as a choice

However, it’s in what context you look at excellence thats important.  It’s highly unlikely that anyone reading this blog is going to be a top class performer in their respective discipline.   This doesn’t prevent them from being excellent on a day to day basis.  If we take top performers in any field, including fitness, we will not see any magic formula.  Not even amongst the top athletes.  People are often disappointed by the fitness training programmes of elite athletes.  They’re actually pretty boring and rarely contain anything unique.  Elite athletes do the simple things well.  Elite athletes do the simple thing over and over again.  They perfect the simple things.  Elite athletes and high level sports performers CHOOSE to repeat simple habits over and over again.  That is the reason they are excellent.

Therefore, being excellent is a choice.  It’s a decision and there are plenty of elite coaches who will tell this.  So, how does this relate to you?  Any mobile personal trainer in Ascot will tell you that when it comes to your fitness – you simply have to make a choice.  Do you wish to do it or not?  Regardless of how fit you are now, do you you want to be fit?  You can choose to be as fit as you like.  Perhaps as fit as your super-fit colleague who brags about their programme.  Perhaps fit enough to keep up with the leaders at bootcamp.  The key factor to realise is that all you have to do is decide to adopt the habits that will get you to your goal.  We are constantly revisiting this process with our Ascot personal training clients.


Fitness Excellence as habit

Excellence is therefore a habit.  What can you be doing right now to move you one small step closer to being fit?  This is the only difference between those who are already there and those who are not.  The fitties, decide to commit to getting fit every day.  This is what makes them the fitties.  No magic formula.  Just a choice.  Followed by a habit.  We help our Ascot personal training base build these healthy, fitness habits on a daily and weekly basis.