Cryotherapy chambers

Cryotherapy is the process of using cold temperature as a health benefit to improve recovery, decrease pain and muscle spasm, slow cell ageing and improve health. These benefits from using cold temperatures have been used by athletes for years. In the form of cold baths with ice added to make it colder. However now you are able to walk into a cryotherapy chambers and get these same effects. In the chamber it uses liquid nitrogen to cool the air around you to -90 degrees making the surface of your skin colder.

The first cryotherapy chambers where built in japan in the 1970s. They where only introduced to athletes and the general public in American and Europe in the last 10 years.

Would you try it?

Now in London there aren’t many of these chambers around, I have been searching and can only seem to find 3 that are available to the public. Professional sports clubs might have there own. I found ones in Harrods (The Wellness Clinic), Harvey Nichols (111Cryo) and London Cryo. It is a new product on the market so its not available for just anyone. You have to have the money to pay for your sessions they are all different depending on membership. Some start at £90 per session and go down in price depending on how many you book at a time.

What are the main health benefits for athletes and those who are willing to try?

  • Faster recovery time after training or exercise.
  • The potential to boost the immune system.
  • increased energy levels
  • help with inflammation

Finishing point

Personal training in Windsor and surrounding areas, I sometimes think of what are the best products for my clients to try. Even though scientists have to do a lot more research into what cryotherapy chambers beneficial for in the long term. There seams to be quite a demand for this treatment for athletes and people who are wanting to receive the benefits stated above.